Where Local Culture Meets Local Cuisine

Formerly known as the central seed store for Nicholasville nearly 100 years ago, Dodd's Corner is a community-based year-round venue that is part farmer's market, part cafe, and part micro-restaurants—where local farmers, producers, crafters, artisans and “food–preneurs” come together to provide a variety of fresh produce and related products directly to the consumer.

It’s time to return to a time when people know where their food comes from. Farmers communicating directly with consumers, and consumers engaging with farmers—all designed to foster social gathering and community building, and promoting nutritious food choices.

Dodd's Corner is about ingenuity, imagination and incubation. At its core, Dodd's Corner is designed to develop economic entrepreneurial opportunity for central Kentucky. We hope that Dodd's Corner will become a daily, weekly, or once-in-a lifetime destination for folks looking for both the unique and the staple—whether it be related to food, beverage, or specialty items that fuel the soul.